Thermal Wool Snow Socks

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Warm, soft, and comfortable. These socks provide enough cushion to keep my boot laces from digging into my instep. The fit is good, and they launder nicely. They keep my feet feeling dry and toasty


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“I can speak from experience that these socks perform much better than average. It’s really all about the quality of the wool. Cheap wool is scratchy, gets horrible pilling, and falls apart quickly. These socks are none of those things. I wear them with work boots and they are the perfect thickness for me. I’ve had four pairs of these, which get worn weekly for the past nine months and are really just getting broken in.” Jim Carner


“Love these! Having more coverage on the front and higher heel coverage helps it from slipping. I can travel with just these socks, hand-wash them as needed, and they dry super fast. Though I rarely have to wash them on trips since they wick moisture and don’t hold smells.” Carmello Seer